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Wheel Alignment Radius plates

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Wheel Alignment Radius Plates cw frame 490mm * 380mm * 30mm (Pair)   Nylon ball race
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Fuel Retriever suitable for diesel, petrol or oils upto SAE 90.
Suitable for use with petrol, diesel or oils up to SAE 90.
Must not be used to store fuel.
For safe & easy emptying/filling of fuel from vehicles.
90 litre tank capacity. Equipped with level gauge.
Max. flow 15 litres @ 80rpm. Antistatic earth leads/clamp.
Delivery/discharge hose 3m. Suction lift 1m
Bi-direction for filling (sucking) & emptying (discharge).

Boston beam tester

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Bostons new rail mounted Beamsetter offers remarkable value with our traditional high quality construction, and capability for testing modern gas filled headlamps. Lateral vehicle adjustment is achieved by using a laser beam from the mounting pillar.This feature is standard and allows for quick and reliable headlamp testing. A light luxmeter is also fitted as standard.

Air lines with coupling

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We can make up a 10mm bore size airlines with a coupling and a bayonet to suit PCL in 5 metre, 7.5m, 10m,15m & 18m. We only use codeflex suprene rubber hose which is rated at 20bar with a 3:1 safety factor @ 20 Centigrade. Resistant to oil and crushing

Oxy /Acetylene torch set

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Oxy - acetylene torch set with cutting torch, spanner, full set of nozzles in carry case

Professional Brake Bleeder

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Takes the hassle out of bleeding brakes and clutches. Top build quality. The sturdy powder coated and welded steel case is retained and as before, the 4 litre fluid bottle is internal where it is protected against the garage environment.
The method of operation is basically the same in that new fluid is stored moisture free within the unit and delivered to the vehicle being bled under pressure. This pressure is produced by a special, high capacity 12V electric pump, especially designed for pumping brake fluid in the required pressure range. A front panel control may be used to vary the bleed pressure for different vehicle types. Producing the bleed pressure in this way means that not only are the brakes bled first time every time, but complete fluid changes can be made within a matter of minutes, including setup. Fluid pumping capacity is so great that all bleed nipples may be opened and bled simultaneously.
  • Variable pressure delivery means that vehicles with specific requirements may be safely bled.
  • Uses a patented method to ensure that fluid within the storage bottle does not absord atmospheric moisture.
  • The small size and low weight make the unit supremely portable and versatile.
  • The high quality connectors used are self sealing even if disconnected under pressure.
  • Incorporates a storage space for tools, hoses, caps etc.
  • Supplied with a semi-universal reservoir cap which suits the majority of UK and European manufactured vehicles.
  • Standard bleed pressure is between 1 and 2 Bar (14 to 28psi) but the unit may be calibrated on request to 3 Bar for specific purposes.
  • Specific reservoir caps can be supplied to suit almost any vehicle. 
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  • Compac Heavy Duty Press

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    Workshop presses from 25 ton upto 100 ton made in fully welded construction and made from solid steel. Comes with 2 V blocks and pressure gauge. On models from 25 tonne the press table height can be adjusted quickly and safely using a single braked handle mechanism. Quality product should last decades. Models HP are Hand operated: Air advance & Return - Models FP are Foot operated: Air advance & Return

    Hydraulic Coil Spring Compressor

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    1000kg Foot operated hydraulic unit. Quicker and easier than using ratchet driven spring compressor. Plastic coated yokes reduce the risk of spring slippage or damage and are suitable for springs from Ø102mm to Ø160mm

    Maximum Load: 1000kg
    Upper Yoke Positions: 7
    Lower Yoke Travel: 340mm
    Spring Diameter: 102-160mm
    Actuation: Foot Pedal

    Compac Coil Spring Compressor

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    Universal swivel jaws that fit all springs. Only the spring holder needs to be replaced. Strong and reliable air pump suitable for most cars, vans, 4WD, SUV etc. Long stroke of 330mm. Air consumption 225 litre per min. Comes with 2 spring holders 78-125mm and 125-200mm. This unit is mounted with 2 wheels enabling it to be easily stored when not in use. Enough power to compress strong springs like Ducato, Jumper, Boxer etc. Fitted with safety guard and best of all a 3 YEAR WARRANTY

    Coil Spring Compressor

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    You can disassemble and re-assemble the shock absorbers Mc Pherson type, even the most difficult ones.

    SAFE: The system of hooking on the spring on four points assures the greatest stability in the compression process, because the effort is evenly distribuited it also has a unique protection system, i.e. a shield that prevents any kind of operations if not correctly positioned. It is simple to use and allows the operator to work with free hands.Time saving tool because compression and decompression is done very quickly.

    Mig Welder 150 amp

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    150 amp Turbo fan cooled 1 phase direct torch Mig welder. Wire 0.6mm - 0.8mm open voltage 21 - 30v

    Mig Welder 180 amp

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    180 amp Turbo fan cooled 1 phase Euro torch Mig welder. Wire 0.6mm - 0.8mm open voltage 19 - 36v

    Mig Welder 260 amp

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    260 amp Turbo fan cooled 1 phase Euro torch Mig welder. Wire 0.6mm - 0.8mm open voltage 20 - 36v

    Generator 3 KVA

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    Honda GX160 petrol engine full frame recoil start generator. 3.0 KVA, 2.4 KW, 5.5 hp 110 and 230 volt

    Generator 3.5 KVA

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    Honda GX200 petrol engine full frame recoil start generator. 3.5 KVA, 2.8 KW, 6.5 hp 110 and 230 volt

    Generator 4.4 KVA

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    Honda GX270 petrol engine full frame recoil start generator. 4.4 KVA, 3.5 KW, 9.0 hp 110 and 230 volt

    Generator 5 KVA

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    Honda GX270 petrol engine full frame recoil start generator. 5.0 KVA, 4.0 KW, 9.0 hp 110 and 230 volt

    Generator 7.5 KVA

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    Honda GX390 petrol engine full frame recoil start generator. 7.5 KVA, 6.0 KW, 13.0 hp 110 and 230 volt