Air Conditioning

The financial case for owning your own equipment is conclusive. The equipment cleans and reuses existing refrigerant and a complete service costs less than £5.00. The standard retail charge for this is £70 - £90 and can only require 5 minutes of actual hands on time. The cost of the equipment can be recouped in about 25 recharges.

Electronic 150 Air Con

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A simple to use automatic station with vehicle data-base and optional print out. It comes with dedicated workshop or bodyshop programmes and has no manual taps, just select the model from the database or use the simple menu for recovery/ recharge or recycle. Waste oil recovery and oil injection is automatic . The database covers car, truck and van and is quickly and cheaply updated by swapping the SD memory card. Dye tracer can be added to the oil bottle if required. The software includes a hybrid vehicle flush programme for the hoses and internal pipe work to minimise carry over of PAG oil to a hybrid vehicle. NB this is an important safety requirement and is an essential safe working practice for hybrid /electric vehicles. The 150 is quick to operate and top quality components are used throughout for reliability, longer life and the lowest whole life cost. Large 20 Kg internal cylinder and speedy 2 stage vacuum pump. Easy servicing with usage counter and reminder when due.

Smartcharge 195

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Advanced features as above plus..

3 bottle system for automatic Dye injection and oil replacement. Recovered oil is measured and the replacement oil and dye are injected as programmed. Retains the monthly usage with printed record for DEFRA & Hazardous Waste records.

Smartcharge Technology reduces the recycling time by 50% compared to conventional A/C stations for improved productivity in busy dealerships. A Refrigerant flushing programme is included with a universal adaptor kit or specific OEM kit (to include external tank). Refrigerant accuracy is to +/- 5 gms as is now required by some German Car manufacturers. Large 2 stage Vac pump and 20 KG tank, large enough for most vehicles including the occasional bus.

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Smartcharge 195 Plus

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As above plus:

Smartcharge 195 Plus with automatic Nitrogen OFN leak test. The 195 plus includes its own OFN cylinder plumbed into the internal system. Just select the menu option for an fully automated leak test using its own digital pressure sensor for 1-2 millibar accuracy. Allows a test to be completed in a few minutes with far greater confidence than conventional OFN gauges and with the added bonus of a print out of the results!

Smartcharge 199

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Smartcharge 199 with an internal recovery tank for refrigerant flushing for VW / Audi & Jaguar workshops

Refrigerant flushing is now a minimum warranty requirement after compressor failure, requiring an OEM adaptor set (supplied) and a dedicated flushing programme for safe use. This can be a very dangerous operation if carried out with unsuitable equipment or adaptors. Choose 1, 2 or 3 flushes, Automatic recovery and a visible paper filter to check for contamination.   A/C equipment with this facility is required to meet the minimum workshop standards and conform to best practice