Trolley jacks

Selection of Compac heavy duty trolley jacks with 3 year warranty.  Compac established 1946. Their vision was to build superior hydraulic jacks. Compac´s hydraulic components are manufactured in-house using high quality materials. Important raw materials like the special hydraulic tubes, seals, pressure balls, valve blocks, etc. are sourced from high quality raw materials suppliers only. There are no compromises concerning the quality of the critical raw materials used in Compac´s hydraulic systems.

Compac 1.5 tonne Hi-lift trolley jack

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Noise reducing nylon wheels with foot pedal for fast saddle to load, heavy duty welded steel with 3 year warranty.


2 tonne Hi Lift also available please call, supplement of only £45.00

Compac 2 tonne trolley jack

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3 Year Warranty. Compac are Heavy Duty trolley jacks made with quality components.


  • Min Saddle height 80mm
  • Max lift height 500mm
  • Chassis Length 730mm
  • Chassis width 340mm
  • Max Chassis height 160mm
  • Weight 35kg

Compac 3 tonne trolley jack

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3 Year Warranty. Heavy Duty trolley jack with quick action foot pedal. Foot pedal and comfort handle


  • Min Saddle height 115mm
  • Max lift height 500mm
  • Chassis Length 925mm
  • Chassis width 380mm
  • Max Chassis height 170mm
  • Weight 42kg

Compac 5 tonne trolley jack

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Compac 5 Ton Trolley Jack with 3 Years Warranty with footpedal and comfort handle.

Min Height 145mm
Max Height 560mm
Length 1270mm

5 tonne Hi-Lift trolley jack

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Compac trolley jack with 3 year warranty, Heavy duty, fully welded structure, chassis and lifting arm in high quality steel with a Tough powder coated finish.
Large diameter swivel wheels provided for easy handling.
"Turn and lift" Lowering system prevents accidental lowering.
Foot pedal below handle provides faster raising of the saddle to the load.
Rubber coated ergonomically designed handle for operator comfort.
Optional inflatable air transport tyres for even easier handling and
manoeuvrability (available on request)


*Min Saddle height - 180mm
*Max Lift height - 960mm
*Chassis Length - 1830mm
*Chassis Width - 475mm
*Max Chassis height - 350mm

Compac 6 tonne trolley jack

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3 Year Warranty. Heavy Duty trolley jack with quick action foot pedal. Made by Compac


  • Min Saddle height 155mm
  • Max lift height 570mm
  • Chassis Length 1390mm
  • Chassis width 470mm
  • Max Chassis height 210mm
  • Weight 90kg

Compac 10 tonne trolley jack

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3 Year warranty. Heavy duty jack. Foot pedal quick action.


  • Min Saddle height 165mm
  • Max lift height 580mm
  • Chassis Length 1410mm
  • Chassis width 470mm
  • Max Chassis height 280mm
  • Weight 136kg

Compac 20 tonne trolley jack

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Top quality 20 Ton Trolley Jack made by Compaq with 3 Years Warranty.

Min Height 200mm
Max Height 600mm
Length 1790mm

Compac Wheel Dolly

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  • Ergonimical handle makes the wheel dolly easily controllable by just one mechanic.

  • Rollers with ball bearings for easy rotation and positioning of wheels onto hubs.

  • The rollers have three positions each side for different wheels sizes.

  • Capable of handling large wheels up to 445/65 - 22,5”.

  • Capacity 250 kg. 3 year warranty

Compac Wheel dolly

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