MOT Equipment

For a quote on MOT equipment please email [email protected] stating your location and which class of MOT bay you are interested in.


Heavy Duty Radius Plates with Ballrace

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Heavy duty radius plates suitable for Class 4 or 7 MOT with nylon ballrace.

Now cadmium plated and gritted slip plate.

SWL Sticker

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Vertical SWL sticker, just peel the numbers to use for almost any lift

Brake Tester Roller Gritting kits

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Easily applied in a day.

Supplied with pre measured packs of two part resin, application brushes, grit, gloves and step by step instructions.

MOT Ancillary Pack

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TAPLEY Electronic Brake Meter, Notice Board, MOT Signs - STANDARD Pack, 2 LED High Power Hand Lamp, Tyre Tread Width Gauge, Windscreen Damage Template, Wall Charts 3 PACK, M.o.T. Shadow Panel & Tools, TOTAL Compliance Pack - 13 PIN, Class 4 Wheel Chocks – Pyramid, Wheel Chocks MUST BE USED sticker, Yellow Wax Crayons

Trailer Socket Tester

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The BTT-111 is our new trailer and caravan socket tester designed specifically to meet VOSA regulations.
Able to test both 7 pin and 13-pin electrical towing sockets that are fitted to vehicles with tow-bars.

If the sockets are faulty, then secondary lights fitted to the trailer or caravan may not work. BTT-111 checks the output from each pin on the socket and determines its operation.

The BTT-111 has a membrane keypad with integrated LED indicators to signify correct output when the vehicle controls are operated.

A TEST button is also included in order to illuminate the LEDs and check the tool is operating correctly prior to testing the vehicle, also includes an internal battery enabling the TEST feature to operate without the presence of power (not available from 7-pin sockets).

When using the TEST feature on a 13-pin socket, automatically bypasses the battery and takes power directly from the vehicle, thus increasing battery life.

The BTT111 designed and manufactured here in the UK with reliability in mind.

Fitted with a protective rubber cover for extra durability and supplied complete with a 5 year warranty.

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Boston Beam Tester

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Boston's new rail mounted Beamsetter offers remarkable value with our traditional high quality construction, and capability for testing modern gas filled headlamps.

Lateral vehicle adjustment is achieved by using a laser beam from the mounting pillar

This feature is standard and allows for quick and reliable headlamp testing.

A light luxmeter is also fitted as standard.